The live auction is held on the Monday of the fair.

Our 2018 Live Auction was Sponsored by BC Livestock Co-Op and had sales in the projects of Beef, Lamb, Goat, & Photography.

We are pleased to have BC Livestock Co-Op handling our live auction on Monday,  September 27, 2018 at the North  Thompson Agriplex in Barriere, B.C.  It will feature livestock projects  such as beef, sheep and goat as well as photography and sewing projects.

The  4-H projects in the sale are raised by local 4-H members with the utmost of  care. By purchasing a 4-H project you are getting a premium product,  promoting your business in the 4-H community, supporting the 4-H program that aims to promote leadership & citizenship and supporting the  future of BC Agriculture!  

RBC Buyer's Breakfast & Parade of Champions

Thanks to the Royal Bank of Canada for again hositing and cookng a great complimentary buyers breakfast  Monday morning starting at 8:00 am. This is a great opportunity for  buyers to meet with the 4-H members who are always eager to show you  their projects prior to the sale.

At  9:30am there will be a Parade of Champions. This is a great event  that showcases the champion market animals, female animals and 4-H  Showman of the fair. This is the last opportunity for 4-H members to  show off their projects and hard work before the sale  begins.​ Immediately following the close of the Parade of Champions the  sale will start with the Grand Champion Steer & Lamb of the show!​ 

Purchasing at the Auction

If you are purchasing the meat to eat, specific cutting  & wrapping instructions can be made directly with local meat processing  facility within a few days of the sale. There will be a charge for  slaughtering, cutting and wrapping that is paid directly to the  processing facility. Meat is available for pick up 2-3 weeks after the  sale.

If  you are interested in supporting 4-H but don't need a steer, lamb or  goat, there is an easy solution for you! Packing plants will process  your animals and give you the current carcass price for the animal you  purchase in the sale. These rail grading arrangements can be made easily  through the BC Ag Expo Office right at the sale. If you are rail grading your purchase you will receive payment for the market value of the carcass in approximately 4-8 weeks.  

If  you are not able to attend the auction in person, you can arrange to  have a 4-H parent or leader to purchase an animal on your behalf. 

Payment  for the animals is made on sale day at the BC Ag Expo Office by cheque, credit  card or debit card. Arrangements for hauling to slaughter facilities  are made at the time of purchase. 

All buyers are welcome!  Please contact us if you have any questions at all and we can connect you with a Committee member who can help you with your purchase of top quality 4-H Beef, Lamb or Goat or a beautifully framed Photo or Textile item.